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January 5th, 2011, 09:00 PM
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Hey ladies! All is well here - just wanted to pop in as I had my first midwife appointment today. It was awesome, other than I had a student midwife bumble her way through it with me. I don't mind though - everyone has to learn somewhere. The RM was also there, and she was fantastic - all I could think of was "Do I have to see all the midwives? I would be perfectly happy just with you!!". But, I'm sure they are all equally lovely I will meet all four midwives on my team throughout my appointments. Everything was on track - great blood pressure, no weight gain to this point (well, weight loss, which was made up for over Christmas! to put me back at my pre-pregnancy weight), and ots of great information. I am really looking forward to moving forward w a midwife for this pregnancy and L&D. The only unexpected part of the appointment is when they checked my uterus height/size, and both agreed that it seemed a touch on the large size, which could just be because this is my 4h pregnancy, and it has some muscle memory from my pregnancy with DS and the previous losses OR it could be a sign of twins. She said it's common for early ultrasounds to miss them... yikes! Anyway, I have my NT scan booked three weeks from today, so we'll find out for sure then. I'm pretty sure there's just one in there, but who knows.
Anyway, other than that, things are good. I'm feeling much better since the Christmas break... a little rest went a longgggg way for me. Speaking of - I need to get to bed!!! I'm so tired!!!! So, I'll leave it here, and will post more after my NT!!! Take care girls!!!!!!

Thank you Kiliki for my new siggy - I it!!

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