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January 6th, 2011, 08:30 AM
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I am not sure what the doc or tests will say- but last night was h.e.ll. I started cramping lightly at about 1pm, got home and got in bed. Anytiime I'd stand up to do anything and then lay back down,the pain would get worse. It got so bad that I tried everything: Tylenol (trying to be safe), propped my legs up on a pillow, laid on my side, on my back, every which way..Nothing helped. My back, ovaries, and even a little down my left leg started cramping and aching. It was intensifying to like a pulsating,heavy pain. I called my husband in and was bawling like a baby, the cramps would take my breath away sometimes. We googled if it was ok to take Darvocet while preg (just in case) and found out some girls are prescribed it, I jumped up, ran to my bathroom and found my stash. I laid back down, it took about 45 min for it to kick in and "work" ...After that,I fell asleep, would wake up now and again through the night cramping and woke up to maroonish blood.. like DARK. Test this morning is faint. I think that was it, girls. I have an appointment in about an hour 1/2 ..We'll see what she says. It got so bad I just told Rob, "I don't even care what happens, I just want the pain to stop."

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