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January 6th, 2011, 11:08 AM
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New to board but need to vent or get this off my chest. Had my oldest when I was 18 (but married) and now she is 18 and pregnant! To make matters worse I found out one week after she told me that I was also pregnant! Both due in Feb '11. Couldn't stop laughing at first because I didn't want to cry in front of anyone. Now can't stop crying. She's a straight A student and never got into drugs or alcohol. Was set to leave for college with full scholarships and now doesn't want to pursue college for 'a while.' Boyfriend- (hs dropout whose only skill is playing video games) is sticking around but only works a job when 'the guy' calls him (so sporadically.) They are living with a relative of his but it is very bad conditions - I'm worried it will make the baby very sick once its here. Plus she isn't gaining much weight or eating much. We have tried to offer help but it is refused for one excuse or another. Boyfriend is very know it all and proud. They don't go anywhere unless they are together. We rarely see her and I'm worried I won't get to see the baby either. We have tried to appear very accepting and non-judgmental of both even though they do a lot of things that don't make sense but they still avoid us since we aren't giving them money. I feel guilty for buying things I need for my baby when I can't really buy much for her.

We had tried for years to have another so this should have been joyous but no one that knows what is going on is saying much of anything. I can't talk about it. I feel like we can't even be excited about our little one when we aren't excited for them.

I'm glad I could at least talk about it here.
Thanks for listening, sorry so long winded

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