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January 7th, 2011, 10:43 AM
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Great news today ladies!!!! I found the baby's HB with my doppler!! It was so exciting to hear that little munchkin in there! Nice strong HB of 180 - EXACTLY what DS was at 9w5d as well - I just happen to remember because we had an u/s with him on that day! Anyway - I know it's only been a couple of weeks since the last u/s, and I only have three weeks to go till the next one, but it's such a nice bit of relief to hear that HB in between!! I actually think I can start feeling like we're really having a baby. The placenta is swooshing away in there, wich means it's up and running - thank goodness!!!

Now... as for the twins thing. My first pregnancy was with twins, and I thought it would have been really awesome - get it all over and done with in one shot, you know?? But, I honestly could have never imagined how much I LOVE being pregnant, and how attached I am to having natural, non-intervention, childbirths. My fear is that I couldn't escape a c-section if it were twins. Of course, the cesearean has it's place and I don't at all disagree with it - I'd just personally prefer not to go down that route. However, if it WERE twins, well, then we would just take that for what it was, and do everything we could to keep them both happy and healthy in there, and prepare for a natural L&D as much as we could, and leave the rest up to a higher power We would also need a minivan and a new house!!!! LOL!!!!

Speaking of, we are putting our house up for sale!! Yikes! I'm starting to clean and purge in preparation to have our realator come check it out and do photos within the next week. I'm excited, but nervous - the idea of keeping everything "showing quality clean" is very daunting in my mind!!! Especially with Nolan, work, and the pregnancy. But, DH has been awesome lately, and I know I can count on him to do his fair share!!!!!

Anyway, that's all from me! Hope everyone is having a great day, and looking forward to an awesome weekend!!!!!

Thank you Kiliki for my new siggy - I it!!

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