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January 7th, 2011, 02:25 PM
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Originally Posted by nateandjenny View Post
Hope you are doing ok today! How is your hubby doing? Been thinking about you guys! I wish you guys were able to enjoy this time. Hope you got a lot of info at your appt.
We are both doing about the same. Not happy about the situation but getting through it as best we can.

Originally Posted by Celry View Post
I know this can't be an easy decision and that not everyone will agree with it. I'm honestly surprised you posted about it. Do you know if you'll reduce to one or two? Do you know how they determine which one (or 2) are kept?
Yea, we are not telling anyone in "real life" so I wanted to post on here so I could get it off my chest. We will reduce to two. I think it's too risky to reduce to one because there is always a chance of losing another one They make the determination by conducting a level 2 ultrasound and check out all the babies. If one of them has an abnormality or isn't growing like the others or something else is wrong then that's the one they choose. If they are all fine then they will do the one that is easiest to get to.

Originally Posted by HopeToBeAMom View Post

Hey there, just wanted to answer any questions you may have from my perspective if you want to PM me. I faced the same decision as you, about the same time 2 years ago, as I was due in Aug too, but as you can see, I did not reduce. We have a similar story, I had 2 put in, 1 split, so we have 2 identicals and a fraternal, all boys.

Any high risk pregnancy is scary for sure, but I did really well and made it to 34 weeks 2 days, and I should say that I was like 115 pounds pre pregnancy, so they definitely told me it would be a difficult preganancy. Happy to say I exceeded their expectations! But I should mention I had a cerclage placed early on to ensure they stayed put for the long run!!

I remember getting the news and I too was scared. I tried to get pregnant for many years and now I was scared I'd lose all 3. What sucked worse is that the doctors couldn't tell me what to do or what they'd do. There were no gaurantees and I was told I may be fine carrying all 3, I may lose all 3 if I continue, if I reduced just the procedure itself could make me lose them, nothing was safe.

I didn't quit working until 30 weeks, just took an early maternity leave. Not sure if that's an option for you, but I know you said you'd lose your job. That stinks that they'd do that to you, thought they couldn't fire someone for being pregnant, but if they can, that stinks.

I'm blessed that hubby has a great job as do I, and I decided to go part time b/c I wanted to spend more time with my babies since I won't be pregnant ever again. To save money, we do garage saling and resale for the boys clothes and of course, they all share outfits. We also shop for food/diapers for them at COSTCO.

All in all, it's lots to consider. PM me if you have any personal questions about my decision to keep all 3. Good luck whatever you decide. I know of a few support groups for moms of triplets and more if you want.
Wow, you are much braver then I am! The thought of carrying three babies terrifies me! It sounds like you did a great job and got them pretty close to term They are cuties! My doctor told me that they put you on bed rest at 28 weeks with twins (which I plan to fight) so I know I would have to go out earlier or around then. My job offers FMLA which allows you to be gone from work for 12 weeks with no threat to your job. But after that, they will fill your position and you have to resign and then come back after I guess. They wouldn't fire me but I LOVE my position and I wouldn't be able to come back here because there are only three of us. They would fill the job and then I would have to go somewhere else. I would love to be able to work part time! That would be the dream for me because I know I wouldn't want to be a stay at home mom but I would like more time at home. We could NEVER afford a family of 5 plus 2 enormous dogs on DH's salary. He makes good money but it's not that good! We would struggle and I just can't see our family surviving like that. Obviously, we will have to majorly change the way we live now even with just two babies. Right now, we go on elaborate vacations and I get really nice jewerly and DH has his fishing hobby. I know most of that will change but I don't want to be close to welfare and WIC and all that jazz.

It is a really hard decision but we have decided what is best for our family is to do the reduction. We are just not willing to take the risks. I'm upset about it but I think it will be ok after it's all said and done and we move on with our other two. I appreciate everyones support as I know this will be tough. I know everyone has their reasons why they would and would not do it but I can honestly say that you can't say for sure what you would do unless you were in the same position. I'm happy for those women that are brave enough to push through it but I am just not one of those women Wish me luck....
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