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January 7th, 2011, 02:49 PM
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So as we know I had been having contractions for weeks but especially over the last few days. On the 30th we were at our friends house and I felt the contractions getting more uncomfortable and they were about 30 minutes apart. I told DH we should go home so we did and I slept (tried to sleep) on the couch that night. I did get some sleep and they seemed to still be coming about 30 minutes apart. The next morning I woke dh up about 9:30 and made him start putting up the Christmas decorations. Well I tried to help him but I started contracting like every 4 minutes. I told him to go take a shower bc something was weird and I figured if he was ready to go they would stop and nothing would happen. Well he got in the shower and I felt the sudden urge to not be alone so I went and laid in our bed. I was there for a few minutes before I felt a tidal wave in my belly and then GUSH my water broke. I jumped from the bed to the tile as fast as I could and pulled down my pants and just stood there. I said honey you better hurry in there we have to go!

On the way to the hospital I started getting more pain and by the time we were there I could not walk through the contractions. They put me in the triage room and the resident came in to check to see if my water had really broken. She pulled back the covers and said "nope I don't need to examine you, that is def. your water". She checked me and I was at 3. They put me in a room and started my IV and Group B drugs and said they ordered the epi.

By the time they got the dang epi to my room and pumped enough fluids to put it in and actually got it in, I wanted to kill someone. They checked me right after and I was at 7. I must say I'm pretty proud I went all the way to 7 with no drugs but good lord I thought I would die! We got to the hospital around 11 and a little before 5:30 they said I could start pushing.

I pushed for 2 1/2 hours and my doc said while he was impressed with my determination he wanted to use the vac. I had a fever and the baby's heartrate was a little high. he said I had him low enough he thought we could use the vac and be done. I asked for more time to try and push and while he gave me that eventually he did get the vac. Well apparently you can have the vac "pop off' 3 times before they would have taken me for a c/s and wouldn't you know it it came off twice! My doc said I don't normally do episiotomies (sp?) but your tissue is to thick I am going to. Well he did that and with the next vac pull and contraction I pushed and the baby was almost out. They take the vac off between contractions so he took it off and we waited. Suddenly the contractions had stopped! I was so sad but then all of a sudden he said whoa are you pushing and I said no and out the baby came and he said well someone was pushing!! Bentley was born at 8:38 pm.

I had a good experience and even though I pushed for 3 hours I wouldn't change it at all!!
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