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January 7th, 2011, 06:03 PM
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I feel like I'm only answering this out of desperation, because I think the truth is that I know the real answer, but maybe you smart ladies have an idea I don't know about.

I have absolutely nothing against IVF and I'd do it tomorrow if it meant my pocketbook/finances wouldn't commit suicide over the cost. It's just not even close to feasible for us. I've looked at grants, loans, and all the above, including saving in a hundred different ways, but any route we've looked at just isn't feasible for at least a few more years. It will be at "one" point, but not today.

Short medical history for info
-Started TTC 2008, pregnant 2nd month, miscarried 3 days later
-Low progesterone
-Ovulate "fine" on my own and with clomid
-However HSG revealed multiple large Fibroids and a Uterine Septum plus it's all misshaped and wonky looking. And I mean super wonky looking, as in I'm not sure that thing can even carry a baby

This was my HSG. Tubes are open, but coiled and kinked and kinda stiff from endo

This is a normal looking uterus

And I had an arcuate septum

Plus I have a 3rd fallopian tube, which I've discussed here before. So basically I can get around all the tube issues and just put an embryo right up in there. But my doc (when we were still seeing him) claimed that coiled tubes didn't necessarily prevent pregnancy, just made it harder for eggs to travel down the line. He wanted me to ovulate multiple eggs at once in order for one to make it "down the hatch" but he wasn't very partial to letting me do that for very long, before just trying IVF.

So basically I can't get pregnant naturally, or at least without progesterone supplements and most likely clomid or even soy. I haven't tried the soy thing yet, but I've already started the lemon water (ok lemon in my tea) and spearmint tea at night, and going to add geritol.

Since you guys think of stuff that I don't, what do you think my options are at this point? We might spend 2011 trying naturally one more time before we can do IVF in 2012. Thoughts, options, opinions? I CAN ovulate, I can implant, but it doesn't last long.

I can also post links to my old fertility journals and threads about my surgeries because they are much more in depth, but semi-overwhelming too
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