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January 8th, 2011, 07:11 AM
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I would like to start a new calendar just because a LOT of the members on the old one no longer post here, we have some new members.

Your name:
Your date of birth:
Your LO or angels birthdays:
Anniversary with your SO (if it applies to you):

Please post it here and I will update the list as people reply


4th- Tanja Elise's Birthday
8th- Ellisas Due Date
18th- Mikayla's Birthday
20th- Kendra started dating her SO
27th- Rylan's Birthday


8th- Emma's Birthday
22nd- Chantelle's Anniversary
24th- Anniken's Birthday


13th- Gauge's Birthday
14th- Meagan's Birthday
15th- Elissa's Anniversary
17th- Lindsey's Anniversary
19th- Justine's Birthday
21st- Andrika's Anniversary
21st- Justine has been with her husband since 2005
24th- Addisen's Birthday
25th-Rylie's Birthday


8th- Adalyn Ella Sue's Birthday
8th- Kieran's Birthday
8th- Sophia's Birthday
14th- Dakota's Birthday
21st- Katlyn's Birthday
23rd- Joshua's Birthday
26th- Krystal's Birthday


18th- Krystal's 1st Anniversary Date (started dating DH)
23rd- Emma and Gary's Anniversary
26th- Emma's Birthday
27th- Eden's Birthday
29th- Mianna's Birthday


2nd- Meagan's Anniversary
9th- Lisa Started Dating her SO
13th- Anna's Anniversary
20th- Jaidyn's Birthday
24th- Logan-Dean's birthday
27th- Jaelah's Birthday


1st- Sophia's Birthday
7th- Emeralds Birthday
18th- Lisa's Birthday
18th- Seamus's Birthday
28th- Emma's Anniversary


6th- Ellisa's Birthday
7th- Kendra's Birthday
9th- Emeralds Anniversary
14th- Becki's Birthday
16th- Caiden's Birthday
18th- Lisa's Anniversary
27th- Sam's Birthday


1st- Justine's Wedding Anniversary
3rd- Anna's Birthday
4th- Krystal's Wedding Anniversary
4th- Alyssa's Birthday
11th- Michelle's Birthday
11th- Megans (Megan Danielle) Anniversary
13th- Faith's Birthday
14th- Shy's Birthday
16th- Oliver's Birthday
17th -Dustin's Birthday
24th- Bekah's Wedding Anniversary
27th- Andrika's Birthday
28th- Brie's Birthday


9th- Taylors Birthday
24th- Kendra's Anniversary
27th- Mia's Birthday
29th- Seth's Birthday


4th- Lindsey's Birthday
12th- Michelle's Anniversary
27th- Chantelle's Birthday


8th- Sophie's Birthday
8th- Logan's Birthday
15th- Bekah's Birthday
16th- Sophie's Anniversary

Thank you Jaidynsmum for my siggy!

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