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January 8th, 2011, 08:00 AM
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I have the best story! My mom just called me and told me it. She has a blackberry curve thats kind of crappy, the ball doesn't work on it, etc etc. She was looking on kijiji for a new phone and found one that she wanted for a decent price. She met up with the guy yesterday to get the phone, and he claimed that he forgot the charger to it in another town and was going away for a while and wouldn't be able to get it, so he would knock $20 off the price, shes like ok cool. Puts her card in to make sure it worked...and some contact list popped up. He's like oh thats weird..thats not my contact list. She looks at it. ITS HER BEST FRIENDS STOLEN PHONE. It had been stolen 6 months ago! LOL. So my mom didn't let on that she knew it was stolen. She bought the phone from the guy for $90 and went on with her day. Gave the phone back to her best friend, Sean. The best part? My mom knows the guys name and everything. And they are going to the police station with it. Sean has an upgrade credit on his account and hes letting my mom have it to get a new phone, since she paid $90 to get his phone back. So she still gets a new phone and probably one even better than the one off Kijiji. So this guy that stole a phone, sold it to the guys BEST FRIEND..out of all of the like 70 thousand people in Peterborough. What are the odds. Karma lol.

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