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January 8th, 2011, 01:39 PM
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I can't imagine trying to pack and sort stuff for 2 moves at once. How is it that our husband's always leave us around the same time? Your DH was deployed at the same time mine was in 2009. He's going again this summer...we got official word on Thursday that his volunteering for it was accepted and assigned. Though your DH will be gone much longer than mine will.

Not much going on here. Focusing on getting my weight back in check and not eating things that aren't good for me. I really ballooned up at the end of 2010. I look at pictures of me from Christmas compared to about a year ago and I am so much bigger! Yuck. I had to break down and increase our weekly grocery budget to accommodate being able to eat a salad and smoothie every day of the week. It'll even out though, because once DH deploys, the bill will go down by about half. Gee, wonder why.
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