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January 9th, 2011, 06:10 PM
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Sooooooo..... as some of you may know, I'm currently taking a midwife assistant class and today's class was on placentas. One of the women helping with the class does placenta encapsulation along with prints, tinctures, and other keepsakes.

After Paul's birth, we had a nice time looking at the placenta. I had a true knot in the cord, the cord was 32 inches long, the placenta was heart shaped and there was a calcification where I had swine flu during my pregnancy. it was really interesting to look at. We didn't have any real plans for the placenta at my birth, so my midwives asked if they could take it, since it was an interesting one, and they'd use it for students..... little did I know at the time, that I would be one of the students.

We looked at 6 placentas today, and immediately I knew which one was mine! The woman who does the placenta stuff offered to take it for me and make a print of it. I'm so excited! Who would have thought that 8 months later I'd be seeing my placenta again, and get such a neat keepsake!

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