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January 10th, 2011, 02:06 PM
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We are officially starting our IVF work up. DH had his bloodwork appointments, I've got mine, and scheduling my annual.

We found out all three cysts they removved were hemorrhagic (blood clots) and they sent them off to pathology to be tested for cancer, and all three came back negative. Thank god! They also removed a LOT of adhesions from my tubes/ovaries (due to the Endometriosis) and ran blue dye through my tubes. Apparently, due to my being annovulatory without meds, and the mess of ovaries/tubes I have, our odds of conceiving (and not having an ectopic) are slim to nil. That being said, we have agreed to start the IVF process.

Oh, and the reason I had so many insicions this time was because of the adhesions, as well.

They also said my blood pressure was VERY low (97/37!) and I explained the period from hello I'm dealing with, and it's probably tied together. They sent me home with Tylonel 3 for the pain (my right ovary is hurting still as it heals) and are keeping me under check for my blood pressure.

Anyways... So starting the bloodwork for our IVF next month since today is CD4 and they want CD3 labs. I'm anxious!!!

We will also be going on BCP starting next month to keep the cysts away and hope to keep the endo under control.

So, here we go! In 6 months or less we will be in Washington DC doing IVF!

After years of trying, 2 years of fertility meds, multiple surgeries, blood draws and needle sticks, some awful pre-IVF complications, and endometriosis and PCOS,
We are done TTC. Praying for peace as we accept this...
Hoping for some comfort after our most recent (and 3rd) surgery and starting Lupron!

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