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January 11th, 2011, 06:33 AM
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Sorry this is long, I just need to get it out...

I am high risk due to a spinal condition I have, and now the fact that I had pre-E with Wesley. I go to a high risk hospital, and it is one of the best hospitals in the South. I went there off and on with Wesley because it is far away, and I had the option to do half of the pregnancy somewhere closer to me. This time, I have just gone there.

You would think because it is "high risk" that they were be overly cautious if anything. Instead, they are super laid back. My last few appointments only lasted a few minutes (we drive over an hour each way). If something did come up, I know that they are very quick to respond. They caught the pre-E with Wesley right when it started, then did an emergency c/s just in time to save his life. They also have a NICU that can handle about anything. I know it was/is the best place to go, but it drives me crazy that I don't get more attention. I've only had 1 ultrasound at 18 weeks. I explained to them I am really worried about her size since Wesley was 5.8 lbs at 40 weeks. He was so small, I almost did not get to take him home because he couldn't regulate his temperature. She will be born a whole week earlier. I am so afraid she will be too small or something else will cause her to be in the NICU. I have no idea how I could possibly handle that and care for Wes. The hospital is too far way, and DH could not take that time off of work. They told me they would do another a week or two from now, but who knows. I have an appt Thursday (34 weeks), so I hope to find out.

It is also driving me crazy that they have yet to give me a c/s date. Most of the ladies in my DDC have theirs, and I am having a planned c/s. I understand if they need to check her size, but they haven't scheduled the u/s either. Ugh.
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