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January 11th, 2011, 08:29 AM
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Ok, so I'm trying to figure out how early is too early?

I am a big believer that every child is ready for different things at different times, so unless they are ever given the opportunity, they\you will never know what a they are capable of or interested in trying at different ages. For example, Melodie is 9.5 months old and is a totally independent eater already and has been for a while. Of course I cut up her food and give her pieces on her highchair tray and control what she eats and everything, but she picks everything up on her own and uses her sippy cup by herself. She's been drinking her bottles on her own for months already. She can even drink from a real cup extremely well (I just leave a sip in the bottom so she can't spill it all on her face ) by herself and LOVES real cups and glasses now, so she'll probably want to start using big kid cups early also. Of course I still enjoy giving her a bottle a cuddling up from time to time, but for the most part, she eats with us and tries her best to be like mommy and daddy and eat her own food, on her own plate, by herself.

Ok, so enough about eating and back to the topic...

I basically was planning on giving her the opportunity to play with the potty around her first birthday. She crawls to the bathroom when I'm in there and I think she's already starting to be curious about what that big white thing does, other than make a loud sound when water comes rushing in. I was thinking of buying the 3 in 1 potties that work as a step stool (I'm thinking for her birthday) for brushing their teeth and washing their hands, etc. I was planning on showing her when I go to the bathroom, that she can sit on her potty like mommy does, and hopefully when she's ready, she'll start asking to go to the potty on her own. I'm don't plan on pushing the potty on her, since I know that will just make her hate it, I just want her to get used to the idea of what it is and what it does so that when she is ready, it won't be new to her. Of course, this is in the hopes that it will help to potty train her early, but I know that babies don't have control over their bodily functions and until she does, it's basically useless to expect anything in the potty training area.

I guess I'm just looking for opinions from you ladies and ideas and advice from BTDT moms on how and when you started the potty training adventure with your little ones? What signs do you watch out for to know when they are ready to at least start introducing them to the idea? What's everyone else planning on doing?
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