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January 11th, 2011, 08:45 AM
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I know there are some people who follow EC (elimination communication) where they watch for potty signs and take their baby to the potty. I've never tried it, but that is probably what you could start with at this point. I think it's probably too early to try traditional potty training with her.

With Lily, we introduced a little potty chair around 20 months. Her wet diapers were fewer and in longer stretches. Pooping was pretty consistent. You want them to have an awareness of either being wet/dirty or understanding the sensation that they need to go potty. We put it in the family room and encouraged her to sit on it once a day while watching a favorite cartoon. Sometimes she peed and sometimes she didn't but we praised her for trying anyway. About a month before Abri was born she refused to sit on it or the big potty. It wasn't worth the fight at 8 months preggo so I just let it go. Two months later she asked to wear panties and to use the potty. Simple as that. We took her to the potty often and put her in clothes that made it easy for her to pull off.

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