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January 11th, 2011, 10:26 AM
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We started working with Kinley when she was around 2...she didn't want anything to do with the potty. Then we tried again at 2.5....she did pretty well for a little while, then Karsyn came along and she totally reverted back to only going in her diaper. So we didn't push it since we had a new baby at home. We tried again at 3 (just a few months ago) with pull ups--she would go in them still..but we would work with her trying to get her to tell us when she needed to go. She did really well with pooping in the potty but not peeing at first. When she started preschool in August (right after she turned 3) we put her in pull ups and she did really well at school...then about 2 months ago we put her in panties full time and she's only had one accident.

Everyone is different---but Kinley has never cared if there was poop/pee in her diaper--she would go all day with a dirty diaper if I let her. Karsyn is the same way--dirty diapers don't phase her! My mom said she tried with me and my sister around age 2 and we didnt have any interest until after we were 3. With my youngest sister, she started potty training at 3 and she never had an accident. The majority of people I've talked to with kids Kinley's age said it was around 3 when they finally were fully potty trained with no accidents. She still wears diapers at night for any accidents--she might wake up once a week with a dry diaper, but she hasn't mastered waking up to go potty. There are a few kids in her preschool (for age 3) that still wear a diaper to school (of course some still have a bottle and paci too!!) so I don't worry about sending her in pull ups-just in case she forgets to go! lol

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