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January 11th, 2011, 10:27 AM
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I agree with following your child's lead, especially with things like potty training. We got Kaija her potty at 18 months and started introducing it. We'd have her sit on it at bath time and before bed. She rarely actually went, but like Courtney we praised her trying. I wanted to have her done by the time Kolbie was born, but that didn't happen. Last summer we started doing naked time and put her potty in the family room so she could easily access it and it took a few week and peeing on the couch, but eventually she caught on. By August or September she was full-time peeing on the big potty and refusing her little potty, but she would not poop on the potty, at all. She was even night time trained. Then in November something flipped and she regressed big time. Only in the past 2-3 weeks has she been back in underwear during the day and FINALLY yesterday pooped in the potty. She'll be 3 tomorrow... So yeah, I do believe it all depends on the kid!
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