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January 12th, 2011, 05:29 AM
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Thanks for all the info and advice ladies! That's just another reason why I love you all so much, you're always full of useful knowledge!

I will definitely start looking up EC, it looks really interesting and like it could help enormously when the time comes so I should start reading up on that soon. Shelley, thanks so much for your post! That's basically what we hope to do with Melodie. I find it fascinating to see the difference culturally too, from both sides of your family. I had also read that American culture tends to potty train later than many other cultures, so I'm thinking if we don't pressure her, she'll hopefully become self-motivated to try even though she might not be fully ready at first. That way I figure as soon as she does get it and is able to understand that she has to go, she'll already know what to do, instead of only starting to introduce the concept when she shows physical signs of being ready (staying dry longer, staying dry overnight, etc. like you mentioned) to start the mental process of ''getting to know the potty''. Probably bedtime and early morning would be best because she'll be going to daycare or a sitters in a few months during the day, so we'll start there.
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