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January 12th, 2011, 08:58 AM
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He ladies - I haven't be around in Yummy Mommies for quite some time - mind if I join you again? Hopefully for longer than last time!

Anyways - I got 3 months paid to the gym for Christmas so I started going back .Where I go it is all classes only - they do spinning, yoga, Pilates and the Les Mills Challenge classes. Its nice because having someone hold you accountable to go to class helps & the "peer pressure" of keeping up with everyone has been good too.

I started "eating better" (portion control, watching my calorie intake, cut my soda's back to one per day - going to shoot for cold turkey no soda on Monday, less to zero carbs), working out and staying active! I started on Tues 1/4.

I weighed in yesterday at 6lbs lost in one week - I know week #1 is usually always a "better" week with the most weight loss (has been for me in the past anyways) so I am not looking for that every week - would love it, but know I wont As long as I am losing I am happy.

I am aiming for losing 35-40lbs. I really want this to be done by May 15th! I have a 6 hour ride for the Ovarian Cancer Cycle then and hoping I'll be in shape or well on my way by then!

Here is my picture today - 6lbs lost (sorry dont have a pic from 1/4) so I'll do weekly pics and keep chatting with you girls in hopes to keep myself going!

I am too embarrassed to post my weight in lbs so I'll just say Size 14 now

*Updated in Post #7 on January 18th*

Happy 5th Birthday to my princess Elizabeth!


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