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I will add things here as we go along, and there will be more periodically because I can't attach pictures on my phone :/

My Pregnancy Ticker:

My first BFP was January 11th

(Insert pic here)

1st belly shot at 6 wks 3 days:

(Insert pic here)

Very first doc appointment was January 12th @ Planned Parenthood
They just did a urine test to confirm my pregnancy and tell me to get on prenatal vitamins as soon as possible, but that was it... I scheduled a full appointment with my regular gyno (who is also an ob) for 10 wks on Jan 31st, but with the strange crampy type feeling on my left side, I want to get in sooner.

Second doc appointment was January 13th
I went in to confirm that the baby was in my uterus, not my tubes. I saw the ultrasound tech and got labs drawn. "Anna" is the nurse who will be pretty much handling all of my stuff... I found out that everything is fine with me and the baby... Little Fishy is measuring at 5wks 2days, so I'm not quite as far as they had thought, but the tech said that can happen in the first trimester and because I've been pretty sick, baby may catch up later. It was still too early to see the fetal pole, but everything looked normal and they should be able to next time. They got some of the bloodwork results back later that day, but she didn't tell me what test it was, only that the number was 3,325. She said that's VERY good and because its over 3000 they are not at all worried and I don't need to go in Saturday for more bloodwork. They also told me my bloodtype is O+, so that's good to know. They want me to keep my appointment date for January 31st, so that'll be the next time I'll be going in.

First ultrasound on January 13th, to determine where the baby is:

(Insert pic here)

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