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January 13th, 2011, 01:17 PM
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THis is awesome, thanks, Theresa!!

Melanie! I'm so excited to have you as a buddy. We can do this together

Here are my goals: To lose 52 pounds (more). I joined a gym now that DD is in preschool. I swore I wouldn't because we live so far out, but now that we have to go into town 3-4x/week, it's so worth it. I LOVE it!

My reason for wanting the weight loss is TTC (among others). I swear my problem conceiving Kellen (took 18 months and major prayers and some medical intervention) was because my estrodial levels were high, and that is often due to excessive fat cells (they release the estrodial hormone and too much = infertility). SOOOO.... I'm praying to get pregnant again this year, and weight loss will help tremendously (plus, DH will actually WANT to get things rolling, if you know what I mean )

So, the goal for now is: 8# loss in each: Jan, Feb, Mar and 6# loss in Apr, May, June... that's 42#. Then, hopefully the other 8# will be off by end of September. If it comes off faster, great! If I have a plateau, then it may adjust the timeline, but I'm committed to be smaller and healthier!

I just joined Lose It, and I like it so far. It helps keep track of calories (I'm prone to do well with a log of sorts) and exercise, but not water (yet). I have to drink 72 oz + each day, and I've SLACKED since having Kellen.

Those are my goals!

Do you want to log in here daily and do a daily log/to-do list? Even if it's not always weight/health related (like work, clean, etc...) it can be helpful having an accountability partner

Today: I worked out at the gym for about an hour. I did the rower for 30 minutes and weights for 30 minutes. Now, have to pay attention to my foods!!!
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