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May 6th, 2005, 11:08 AM
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He seems to nurse as much as he wants, although i have to say he does seem less interested than my other children were, although not significantly less.
He was born at 8lbs.2oz., so he wasn't born small. He developed two cephalhematomas directly after birth (even though the birth was a very easy one), and due to that he had prolonged jaundice, nearly 3 months (one of the hematomas was very large and took about 3 months to resolve). He did seem to gain just barely what he was supposed to be even in the beginning. He got off to a very slow start, the jaundice made him so sleepy, so it was sometimes nearly impossible to get him to nurse in the first week. After that though, things seemed to get pretty normal, as far as nursing. By the time he was getting ready to turn 4 months old though, i noticed his diapers were not as soggy as i'd expect, he didn't seem to be taking much milk, etc. So, i started supplementing with formula for about a week, but that seemed to interfere with nursing (he'd bite me because he was frustrated that he had to work a little harder for the milk). But by then, his appetite had been stimulated for several days, and my milk production seemed to be increasing, so we went back to breastfeeding exclusively. At that same time (about 6 weeks ago), I began to introduce iron fortified baby cereal, the kind made with the ingredients of formula, hoping to add as many extra calories as i could. He eats 2-3 bowls per day. A week ago, i began the beginner jarred baby foods, he's had bananas, apples, pears, and we're up to 2 jars per day, in addition to nursing probably 6-8 times per day, and the 2 bowls of cereal. i also began using a breastpump about 5 days ago to try to increase my milk supply even more, and that appears to be working, i have more milk. So much though, that my son seems to only nurse on the first side, and when i switch and offer the 2nd side, he usually doesn't take much, if anything. he does seem to me to be pudging up a bit more, and i'll take him into the dr. next week to check his weight. he had a CBC done a week ago, and tested a little high (VERY little) for some of his white blood differentials (lymphs and monos), but was at the tail end of a viral thing, so that's probably the reason for that. other than that, he's happy, active, sleeps fine, enjoys his food, and is wetting/soiling normally at this point. is it your understanding that head circumfrence must be smaller than expected also to constitute a FTT diagnosis? what other symptoms/characteristics go along with FTT? is it just low weight and length, or are there developmental, behavioral and other physical characteristics that go along with it? i've tried looking up the info, but all i can find is repeated references to being below 5% on growth charts, but nothing else. thanks for your feedback.
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