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January 13th, 2011, 03:47 PM
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My older DD was around 2.5 at DD2's birth. She loved it! She got in the birth tub with me for a little while (until she was told she couldn't bring bath toys in with us. lol!). Mostly she played with her toys, then ran a couple of errands with my mom. They got home again just before pushing. Then while I was pushing my friend later told me she was giving a play-by-play "Look, my baby is coming out of Mommy's butt!" "Look! There's my baby's toes!" (DD2 was breech). DH recorded the pushing on our camera and she watched it over and over and over. Obviously you need to take into account your laboring style (I liked chatting and people while I was laboring) and your kid's personality, but I really liked having her there. If/when we have another I plan on having both of them there.

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