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January 13th, 2011, 08:49 PM
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Doing great here, 21 weeks today! Feeling those little kicks and punches all the time now. Also waiting on our tax return to pay off the midwife and order my birthing tub and birth kit as well as get out newborn stash of cloth diapers So far everything with the pregnancy is going great, lost 9lbs in the beginning but im back up 6lbs now YAY so im feeling better about that. DH is set to deploy around my due date but we found out his command is going to let him stay back until i have the baby then he will leave 10 days later. I have my next appt on the 27th and im so excited...i love going to the midwife and just talking and getting to know eachother better and build a bond. But overall everything is going great

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