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January 13th, 2011, 10:35 PM
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Great job on the treadmill, Melanie! That's awesome! I love reading, but I get seasick so easily that I can't read and move at all so no reading for me while working out! I do have my iPod and my pump-up music that I love, and that helps pass time.

I do understand what you mean by doing this for YOU. I look in the mirror, too, and just about want to vomit. Blech. Where did this body come from? I used to be a VERY fit size 6 (which is pretty freaking small for a tall chick), and I had to work my BUTT off for that (my family is NOT a svelte, naturally thin family). I am not even going to wish to get back there (yeah, not happening), but I'll be happy in a 14, and then maybe, just maybe, back to a 12 after baby #3 comes. I'm an 18/20 now Ug.

Today, I discovered, through the wonderful LoseIt program, I am a HORRIBLE snacker. I had nearly 700 calories on freaking snacks! Holy heck. That's got to stop! I only went over by 120 calories, but still, that means slow progress.

I did 30 min on the rower and 30 min on weights today, and that makes me feel good (I think I mentioned that already. I'm pretty proud).

Hang in there, hunnie. We'll take this one day, sometimes one hour or one minute, at a time and we'll get there.
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