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January 14th, 2011, 09:17 PM
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Hi Ladies, Im Alana and I'm 25. I usually just lurk but the last three weeks have been funny so Ive been posting in AIP and now here. Heres my story and questions...

I have had 3 accidental pregnancies resulting in 2 losses to miscarriage and 1 chemical in 2008. Been super careful since using BCP and Condoms and Pull/Pray combined...In November I lost my health insurance and turned to the Planned Parenthood Clinic for free BCP and Condoms...I was put on the generic Desogen...I have been on it since. I am dating my newish boyfriend and we use condoms and I take my pills and he usually pulls out...but over christmas I was really sick with a sinus infection and double ear infection and put on antibiotics...we did NOT DTD until Jan 2nd but at this point I had a reaction to 2 diff antibiotics and was changed to a third! The condom broke, he didnt pull out, and I know BCP effectiveness can be reduced from Antibiotics...I finished my antibiotics on the 4th. I have felt so ill in my stomach and had headaches, really tired, and craving healthfood only mostly fruit and vegetables. This is not like me at all. I would be 12DPO if i ovulated on due to the antibiotics and concieved...5 HTPs and 4 were FRER and had weird 3 lines but didnt look postitive...and one digital wayyy early at 8dpo and BFN...The only time i felt this crappy was my last pregnancy and i know i shouldnt freak out but i also didnt show a positive test til late...I have 1 more digital ill try in the morning with FMU but I was wondering could I be sick from the new BCP or something? could like 3 antibiotics mixed with it made me sick? is Desogen a mini pill or wut? or do you think i could be preg and the pill still in my system cuz im still taking it is causing the tests to not work?

Im scheduled to go get a Pap on Tues at Planned Parenthood, what should I tell the dr?

Thanks for the info and scared but once i know what is wrong ill be fine...

UPDATE 1/25 @ 4PM....

I took a CB Digital at 5am and it would be 13 DPO and BFN so im thinking im not pregnant (6 tests later lol) and the BC just doesnt like me so much. However, I went to work today and I am feeling like 80% better yay!!!!
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