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January 15th, 2011, 03:27 AM
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Forget his parents, it is his biggest sister that he wants to give him the attention!

Angelica is today obsesed with hm. She even has a special 'Sam voice' - a really high-pitched patronising voice she uses to talk to him! (she uses the same voice on George the guinea pig too!) All we ever hear is...

"SAMMY! Sammy's awaaaaake!"

"He's a VERY good boy!"

"I think he needs to see his sister!"

"Where's Sammy? I need to SEE him!"

"Sammy's doing happy awake time!"

"Sam smells of YAHHHH!" (when he's done a poo!)

"I love him SO much!"

"He's very little, isn't he?"

"Got little eyes, little nose, little hands, little legs, big bottom and big feet!"

Last night she rocked him to sleep in his car seat

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