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January 15th, 2011, 01:26 PM
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hi, Melanie! I totally sympathize with being so exhausted that things just don't happen. Believe me, I've had MANY of those days (and I'm sure I'll have MANY more). Sometimes, it bites me in the butt because a lot of what I don't do is Me-stuff and work! Ug. Then, I have to work double hard the next day to meet deadlines... but sometimes a break is just what the dr. ordered!

Whatever we do, we have to remember that this is baby steps. We don't beat ourselves up. We just review the day, and see what we've done better than yesterday, and what we can do better tomorrow That's what works for me. I take that personal time in the bath for those reflections. It helps keep me focused.

Yesterday was a good day, I ate about right, drank my water and did the shred. Today, I've been good too! I had the gym orientation, rode the stationary bike for 40 minutes, and scarfed down a decent lunch. I've been good on water so far, too.

I really like the LoseIt site (still figuring it all out) because I find logging in foods REALLY helps (it's one of the biggest keys to weight loss, as I've experienced when working at Jenny Craig and Metabolic Research Center). I also love the friends piece cuz we can root each other on there, too!

As for the gym... I swore I'd never join because we live 20 minutes out of town, and what's the point of driving in (wasting) 40 min. to work out for 30min to an hour? But then, I decided to join anyway because DD is now in pre-school and I have to go to town 3x/week anyway. I LOVE IT!!! It is so motivating, and I find the time because I've juggled things and know I can fit it in (not easy, really, I stay up a tiny bit later, but I feel FANTASTIC! Plus, what makes it easy, is the gym has day care for $1/hour/kid (2 hour max, but I'm never there more than 1.5 hours). Without the daycare, I don't think I could do it, honestly. AND, the gym is not a meat-market full of models and beefy guys. It's a quiet, wonderfully new building, with seniors and moms and normal people. They are all very nice, it's never overcrowded so you can't get on a machine you want, but it's a bit busy. I think that makes a difference too. If it were too busy, or a meat market, or too loud, I'd not like it so much.

Does a gym near you have daycare? That would make it so much easier and the kiddos could play, too. I REALLY love that, and like I said, without it, it would be impossible to go.

As long as you keep reviewing your day and focus on the things you did well (even if it is sleeping longer, or telling your kids you love them, or whatever!), you can get up the next day with a smile and know that day will be even better. You can do it!
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