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January 15th, 2011, 03:25 PM
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That's what I'm really hoping for- one of the RE's I'm looking at does Micro IVF when needed, and while I know we'll do regular IVF, at least that tells me he's willing to go more conservative when needed

I wanted to add that I'm incredibly grateful for this board because I think I might have been too timid with my last RE and just fully trusted everything that he said. He appeared to be a very cookie cutter RE, and rarely did he even do much testing beyond progesterone and FSH. I don't know that he ever once checked my prolactin and T3 AND T4, despite the fact that I leak from my friggin boobs! What else screams high prolactin and/or possible thyroid dysfunction more than leaky non pregnant boobs?

I think if I"d continued to be timid, I'd have accepted his cookie cutter IVF approach, but something told me to pay attention to my gut. I know that I'm not that different from anyone else with fertility issues, but I also know that if he's not even paying attention to my basic hormone levels, he's going to possibly prescribe a regimen that doesn't fit me at all.
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