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January 15th, 2011, 07:00 PM
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Starting in one hour!!!
Starting in 45 minutes!!
Starting in 30 minutes!!!
Starting in 10 minutes!!!!
Starting in 5 minutes!!!

Starting NOW!!!!!!

1. 2 photos of 1 person
2. 3 papers, 1 must border one, and 1 must be divided in some way.
3. 1 non ribbon/string/stitching ELEMENT going either vertically or horizontally across of your page
4. A cluster of at least 5 elements on the edge of your page, but not in a corner
5. Repeat one element 5 times in varying sizes
6. Add at least 5 other elements to your page (5 different ones, not repeating any of the above)
7. Use an element (without words) somewhere in your title
8. Finish up! Add shadows/jornaling/etc. Post your page when done!
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