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January 15th, 2011, 11:30 PM
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Since this is our first child DH and I have decided to take a "babymoon" cruise.
Today we were looking over some details and found that the cruise will only let pregnant women onboard up to 24 weeks and only with a doctor's note.

I will be 18 weeks at the time of the trip but my DH says our midwife is not a doctor and they won't accept a note from her.
I have BIG issues with medical doctors and their offices, which is the primary reason for my deciding on homebirth to begin with. The thought of going to a medical office for a stupid note makes me ill. I'm already having nightmares of them poking at my cervix and then lecturing me on how I need a zillion tests and ultrasounds, shouldn't have a homebirth and need to go to their hospital...

Has anyone here ever needed a doctor's note for anything? Was your midwife an acceptable doctor?
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