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January 16th, 2011, 11:38 PM
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Yes I agree that your male is probably exhibiting dominance however that's a very frowned upon behavior in the animal world and very many times shows lack of socialization. Personally I would not tolerate that behavior but you will have to make your own decision on that. Just be aware that as your female gets older that very well may start some fights between the two of them, especially if she is not a submissive personality so you may want to nip it now. Neutering him can help that to not be such an issue, but usually it doesn't take it away 100% since it's a dominant behiavor and not a procreating behavior.

Given that she's a large breed dog they will absolutely do it now. Vets will typically spay/neuter as young as 10 weeks (private practice) but 100% for sure by 12. So I would highly recommend getting them both done. In my area it'd be less than $200 to have them both done at a low cost clinic.

For low cost clinics check with your local Humane Society/SPCA many times they have an open to the public clinic that they do low cost spay/neuter, if they don't they will know of places that do. You can also check with your local animal control center. Going off of your profile that you're in Plainview, TX here are a few links to low cost places you can call.

Texas Animal Shelters

Texas – Shelters and Rescues | Paw Prints the Magazine

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic Now Open in Conroe - Please help us get the word out!!! Classified Ad - Conroe Other Pets Related Animals and Pets | InetGiant Conroe, Texas Free Advertising Website

You could also contact a local German Shepherd rescue or local Lab rescue and ask who they use (very rarely do rescues use private practice vets) and who they can recommend for you.

Hope that helps some. Your pup will also need vaccinations, at 12 weeks she is not finished with her puppy shots however I would HIGHLY recommend not to vaccinate at the time of surgery as both deplete the immune system and so it's not a good idea.

Good luck with everything!
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