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January 17th, 2011, 01:38 PM
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What are you afraid of? Pain? The unknown of labor?

For majority of labors it is pretty straight forward. You will have contractions that will get closer together as you get closer to birth. The contractions shouldnt' be painful. They should be like menstraul cramps. Once you hit transition they'll be painful, but not the kind of pain you get when stubbing your toe, or a toothache. It's a whole different kind of pain and it's more intense then it is painful. There are ways you can naturally work with the pain. You can move how your body feels is right, you can take a shower or get into water, you can get a massage, etc. These things will not take away that pain, but it will help you manage the pain. The pain is a crucial part of birth. The pain sends signals to your brain to tell your body what to do and to release certain hormones that not only help you out, but it helps your baby out as well. If you take medication it will stop those signals and can make it harder for your baby to cope. However, taking medication is a personal choice, and if you feel it's right for you then you should have it. After transition your body may take a break. It might be a minute or 20 minutes. For me it was about 15 minutes. Then your body will start to push the baby out. For me it was involuntary. I didn't have to push, it just did it on it's own. Pushing didn't hurt, and I stood to puch my baby out. It had a burning sensation as the head came about because my vagina was now stretched to the max, but that lasted only a few seconds and then it didn't burn anymore. For my first child I pushed for 2 hours, which is pertty normal and can be longer if you're laying. For my second child I pushed for 50 minutes.
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