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January 17th, 2011, 02:52 PM
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Alright so I am totally jumping on the bandwagon here. But I figure a little encouragement, input and motivation can go a long way.

The eating part seems to be going alright most of the time (this would be the input hm.... Cina ). The exersicing part not so much. By the time I get home from work all there seems to be time to do is make dinner, help the big kids with their homework and clean up before I am exhausted and it's bedtime. I am already up at 6am to motivate 3 kids to be ready to leave the house by 7:30, so I am not sure that getting up even earlier is going to work (cue motivation). My original plan was to walk at my lunch hour since my building has 3 flights of stairs, but I am in heels most days (to look the professional part) so a long walk in 3-inch heels doesn't quite work either so I am still working on the exercising part.

So for now, I am going to just keep tracking the food. Work on trying to walk when possible and avoid all of the tempting things a house with a 13 and 9 year old has to offer.

Today's menu so far has been/will be:
Breakfast: Sausage and egg quiche and coffee with SF creamer

Lunch: Leftover spagetti squash spagetti and a few sunflower seeds with a diet coke (I still can't quite kick the caffiene)

Snack if I need it: I have 2 string cheese sticks and 16 homemade cheese "crackers" My new favorite 60 calorie,low carb fave. (Deluxe American cheese slice cut up into little square and nuked on parchment paper for 65 seconds... sounds super, super strange but ends up tasking quite a bit like a cheese-it)

Dinner: Hamburger casserole and salad. (ground beef, eggs, cream, cheese, onion and spices)

To the Amazing Kelly: Thank you once again!! Amazing only begins to cover it.
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