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January 17th, 2011, 09:21 PM
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Jillian has had what I've suspected were allergy problems for about a year now. She has runny/stuffy noses almost all of the time. It'll clear up for a week or two at the most and then it's back again. Same with eczema except that never seems to go away. She scratches herself until she bleeds.

Shortly before Christmas we let her try some eggs and she threw up and throwing up is really unusual for her. I wondered about the eggs but thought maybe it was because she had just quickly downed a cup of milk. On Christmas day we had a big family breakfast and my mom fed her a few bites of egg not even thinking about it. Within a few minutes she threw up and then she seemed fine.

So I really started to wonder if she had an egg allergy plus I wondered if she had other allergies. We are in the process of having DS tested so we asked the allergist if he could test Jillian as well and he said yes.

She went today for the first round of testing and let me tell you it broke my heart. She cried so much which made me cry too.

I asked them to do the food testing first so they did that and a few others today. The only things she reacted to were EGG and dust mites. The egg was a seriously terrible reaction but the doctor definitely says at this point she's allergic and we need to avoid eggs and anything made with eggs. We're hoping that will clear up her skin and nasal trouble but we'll see. We still have a lot of tests left to go which really sucks but I guess I'd rather know what she's allergic to so we can get her feeling better.

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