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January 18th, 2011, 07:41 AM
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We have to get Liam done too But I am absolutely going with the blood test. Two seconds and it is done. Plus, he did not do too bad with the lead test. Our doc says we can wait until he is two (to double up with that lead test), as long as we avoid all things with tree nuts/tree nut traces. That is the primary issue, since DH is HIGHLY allergic to them. I would rather do a blood draw than the skin pricks. Liam has reacted to a couple things, including eggs. But I just avoid them for now. He is not highly allergic to eggs, since he can have things with egg baked in them (pancakes, cookies, etc).

Good luck with the rest of the testing. I hope you get it figured out so she can be back up and running!!
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