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January 18th, 2011, 07:52 AM
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OH, Melanie! Those days are so tough, and that's when it's important to just take care of YOU, mentally, emotionally... I hope you can get some much needed REST! If I'm dragging, there's no way in H*LL I can take care of myself or stop eating!

I've found I have to work out in the morning sometime, or, well, 80% of the time, it doesn't happen.

Do you have a gym or a mommy's boot camp or anything like that you can join, so you can work out either with the kids, or put the kids in a little "daycare" room so you can have some alone time while exercising? It was the solution I needed, but those set ups aren't for everyone, either. I love it not only because I get to work out and shower in peace, but because I also have some simple time to myself without whining, asking for things, cleaning, etc.

It's really hard with 2 kids the ages of our kiddos. Hang in there! You'll find something that works great for you
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