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January 18th, 2011, 08:21 AM
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They actually did Jillian's arms (Ben's too) instead of the back. They say with kids they find it's easier and less painful to do it on their arms but I know some doctors do kids' backs like they do with adults.

Since her arms are small they can't do very many at once so we'll have to go back a few times. She goes again on the 31st.

For right now they want us to avoid everything with egg in it (which is a pain because egg is in a lot of stuff). We're going to do this for a while and see if it helps to clear up the stuffy/runny nose and the eczema. If it doesn't seem to help those symptoms then we know it isn't egg that causing them and she can go back to having stuff with egg in it.

They never offered me the option of doing it with a blood test. Maybe it's because nothing showed a very serious reaction so far.

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