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January 18th, 2011, 09:54 AM
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OMG, Melanie! No wonder you are wiped! I am NOT a morning person, but cripes, you couldn't get me near workout equipment before 8:00 am (and that would really push it). I usually go around 8:30/9 when I have to drop DD off at preschool. It really helps working from home.

I hear you about $. I told a friend I was joining this gym, and she gave me her free month with $10 of daycare included! What a great incentive! She won it at a drawing

Our gym is about $40/month, so when I do have to pay, it's not bad. I just budget it out of other things and tightened up a bit to pay for it, but fortunately, we could do that.

But... if I was restricted to nights, like you are, I may not go to the gym I'd be too tired to drive back into town!

You know one thing that has helped me on the machines is music. At home, I watched TV, but it didn't make time move as fast as my music does. Maybe make yourself a good mix of workout music? It might be fun and uplifting, too. If you have shows you want to watch, you could watch them and then listen to music during commercials, even, or if you have TIVO or DVR, just skip through commercials, that may make it even better

Is your DH home at nights? Maybe you could sweetly beg that he give you 30 min (or an hour, if you also want a relaxing shower/bath or want to work out just a little longer, too) of you time after you put Emmie down, and you can use that time to workout, shower, mull over your goals for tomorrow, cheer yourself on the things you did that day and so forth. My DH was doing that when I was working out at home, but I could hear the kids crying or whining or whatever, so it was no fun. However, if I had my iPod going on instead of the TV (or had earphones connected to the tv), I wouldn't have heard them, and it may have been very effective.

What I've had to do is schedule my 'me" time... just like I have to schedule work or pre school... So, sit with your DH and schedule the few days you will have "you" time, and then schedule when he will have "he" time. For instance, I will also go to the gym on Saturdays for a class, and DH will stay home with the kiddos. To balance it, on Sundays, he gets time to hike or whatever he wants, just for him. I clean while he's out. He tries to clean when I'm out (that's hard to do!)... It works out for us both, but we have to stick with it, just like it's a work schedule or something.

Today, I'm feeling quite lazy. It's my off day from workouts, but at the same time, I feel quite snacky! Already! I'll just have to really work. I have a TON of things due, so I *should* get a lot done, but honestly, I feel it's going to be a challenge today. I'm exhausted (crappy sleep with Kellen and then Kensley woke up, too... ug). But, I have to get this stuff done!

So, goal: stay at/below my caloric amount through LoseIt, drink at least 80 oz water, take a NAP and get some work done (grades, emails for my workshops, website registration update...) and get some housework done, too. Ug. I'm glad you'll keep me accountable. I'll update on the progress later. It may be late, but I want all this done!
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