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January 18th, 2011, 01:46 PM
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Let's get to know everyone!

Name(if you wish to share/Nickname: Erin
Age: 32
Family Status (SO+kids): Married to Art 10 years; three kids and one on the way

What makes Traditional Parenting the right style for you?: Well, I'm a Christian, and I feel like more traditional parenting tends to line up better with my faith (although I know a LOT of Christians who do AP, LOL). I just think TP puts the parents in charge and that's the way it should be. I also really believe that a routine is a beautiful and IMPORTANT thing for a baby/toddler. I think having my own bed is also a beautiful thing. I have probably gotten a little less "traditional" over the years, but I'm definitely NOT into AP.

Fave Color: I don't know.
Fave Food: now's not the best time to ask; I'm pregnant and everything tastes weird. LOL
Fave Dessert: ice cream. cheesecake. chocolate. I like dessert.
Fave Author/Book: totally depends on my mood.

Fave TV show: I like Bones. And House.
fave Movie genre: depends on my mood

Sports teams you follow(if you do): not a big sports fan.

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