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January 18th, 2011, 08:28 PM
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I'm a bit late, but I do have some input..
First of all, I go by philosophy that if you're not ready to carry and parent a child, Don't have sex.
I'm sorry, but at the end of the day, sex is designed to create a child and that's it.
That aside, I am more than willing to admit that at the age of 17 I got pregnant. I was not ready to raise a child, but my beliefs go against abortion, and I couldn't bring myself to consider adoption. I won't go into detail about how I made it work, but I'm now an almost 19 year old single mother of an almost 1 year old.
But at the same time, I learned from my choices. I am not ready for a second child, so I have not had sex, nor do I intend to. I suppose that's a bit unrealistic for most people, however.
To focus more on the question at hand, I have mixed feelings. I don't think abortion should be used as birth control. Unless the child is a threat to your mental or physical well-being, I see no valid reason to be allowed to destroy it. At 6 weeks, it's true that the fetus is..well..a "Ball of cells". It does have a heartbeat.. and at 6 weeks my child looked like a BABY. I saw a head, and I saw a body. I saw a heart.
Do the hands make the baby? The feet? Fingers? Toes? Thought?
Do "Souls" exist and are we destroying one or are we simply destroying cells with a functioning organ?
The abortion debate never exactly has a "Answer" per-say, just what people believe.
That said,
I think if she REALLY can't care for the child, the child (Fetus? Cells?) deserves a chance at life, as they would have many, many years ago before the abortion procedure existed. So I think she should have chosen adoption. True, it may hurt her in a way.. but does letting someone destroy that child/cells hurt any less? From what I've heard, it hurts more.

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