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January 19th, 2011, 12:17 AM
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I take Ty potty with me and tell her im going potty and then tell her that when she sits on there too...

I know her poop schedule, so at first I would set her up there when I KNEW she was gonna need to go, or once she got red in the face, haha. Once she goes we make a big deal and clap and laugh and wave Bye Bye to it. Now, she tells me when she needs to poop, but not when she needs to pee yet ( she tells me after shes gone usually) ... she does pee almost every time I set her up there - but still goes in her diaper a lot... But I take her telling me even after she has gone as a good sign

WE nearly have poop down I think. She tells me near every single time... and actually held it today ( we were in the car when she started pointing to her bottom and got really upset till we got home... (10min or so) we got home and I set her up there and she went right away.

when first starting, I would sit her up there after meals and drinking anything ( like 20 min later) ... Teaching her to push helped...

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