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January 19th, 2011, 02:28 AM
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Hi there my name is Lauren (20) and im from NewZealand.

A year ago yeasterday my waters broke at home around midnight and then half an hour fortyfive mins later i had my first contraction. i was expecting a ripping pain to rush through me but all i got was pain in my back. i tried to go back to sleep as i knew i had a while before i had to do anything. i got to lie down for all of 5mins before i got my next, and so it was on. for 5hours i had contractions every 5-10mins and couldnt sleep. i watched tv for a while but then it was getting bad so it was time to get my mum (my angel) she ran me a bath but that didnt help with the pain. at 5:30am i rang my midwife and told i needed some help with the pain so we were off to the hospital. it was the longest 30mins of my life, i remember telling my dad that he had to hurry coz i didnt want to give birth in a holden. my partner was in the car behind us. once i got to the hospital i had to run/woddle to my birthing room as i was going to be sick. once i was in bed my midwife gave me gas it was amazing! def recommend! and checked me internally and was 5cm dialated! i was still having back pain so everytime a contraction hit a couldnt be lying down it was just so bad. i had hoped for a water birth and tryed to see if would help sooth the pain but it would moving around seemed to be the only thing that helped. a few hours later i asked for pethadine but it didnt do much so i kept using the gas it truly was my savior. at around 9am i said it was time to push but my midwife said my contractions still werent close enough together to push so an I.V line was put in and fluids were started. Then the contraction got so bad that i almost wanted to give up. then finally it was time to push. because of the gas it felt like there was at least 10mins between each contraction so i felt like i got a rest but mum later told me it was really only 2-3 mins. i had no concept of time and apparntly was pushing foe 2hours. when i had finally got her head out i looked down to see my daughter almost looking at me! load and behold she was posterior! with one last push she was out and at 11:14am monday 18th jan Nicole Helaina Edinger was born, with thick black hair and absolutly gorgous!
looking forward to do it all again! and thanks to my partner, mum and midwife
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