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January 19th, 2011, 09:10 AM
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Originally Posted by okiliz View Post
Might be a silly question or the wrong place to ask...... but how do I add it to my siggie? or how do I even make a siggie?
At the top of the page, the title of the thread is in big green letters. Right under it in pink letters are some menu options. click "user cp" From there, on the left hand side you'll have a bunch of options listed. The third section down is "settings and options" and the second under that is "edit signature" You'll have a window that looks like when you make a post in a thread and you can add whatever you want.

To add a picture you need to have it web hosted on a place like photobucket or facebook. Photobucket gives you "sharing options" and you'd want to choose the one that starts with [img ] or you can right click on any image and "copy image url" and then click the icon that looks like this and paste the image url there.

Does that make sense?

Missy, that blinkie is adorable!
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