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January 19th, 2011, 10:29 AM
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to keep them on schedule? I'm really trying to get M's schedule now with bottles, napping, meals and everything on track. He's always had a bottle schedule but never really a sleeping one before, just a loose plan of what he usually did, nothing set in stone. Now that i have to make sure he's eating meals and snacks on time i have to be a little more rigid with his sleeping schedule as well bec/ for example if he doesnt go down for a nap by 1 he's sometimes not up by 3 to have his snack, if he doesnt have his snack by 3:30 then he's not interested in his 4:30 bottle bec/ his snack is still digesting and then the whole rest of the day gets later and later etc...

But sometimes we get off schedule and everything gets all messed up... sometimes i dont mind if stuff is a little later but if its too much off its no good for either of us (he seems to be the type of baby that prefers a routine and schedule).

So, do you wake up your LO from sleeping to keep them on a schedule?

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