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January 19th, 2011, 10:59 AM
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Ugh! I am so frustrated. IF my midwife chooses to go by the date the ultrasound has given, then I will have to find a new dr/mw because she is going to be on "vacation" during that time. The thing is, the date the Ultra sound says for conception is impossible. Dh and I didn't have sex for a week before that and 5 days after. So it is not possible. I am hoping she will listen to me and keep my due date as Aug 28-Sept 1 (yes that is how she wrote it in my, I don't get an "actual" due date she says). It really sucks because if I have to find someone else my dream of a waterbith and/or home birth are gone. My insurance only covers CNM and there isn't another one in the area. I would get stuck birthing in a hospital. I am just so bummed, I hope she calls early tomorrow so I can figure out what is going to happen. I am just kicking myself for giving in to the early ultrasound (which I only did because i had had some bleeding for 24 hours and was concerned) knowing that they can be inaccurate (were with both my kids).

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