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January 19th, 2011, 05:55 PM
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Aly loves real food but she also enjoys purees still and THANK GOODNESS b/c I hate cooking.

I mean, I actually dispise it. I am sad that I have to make Alyssa food now and will prob. become even more sad when she refuses puree food in the future.

I hate cooking so much that I should be eating specific foods for my hypoglycemia but instead I let myself crash and have my sugars get messed up b/c I hate cooking and would rather deal with low blood sugar than making scrambled eggs.

I suck at cooking. Honest to goodness, I follow the recipe to a T and I suck at it.

I feel like someone has to drag me into the kitchen to cook. I have prob. made Matt 10 dinners in the 5 years we have been living together.

I love the pancake and french toast idea and freezing them for our babies.

Two problems with this.

1.) I don't know how to make pancakes
2.) I don't have the energy to try and learn--or should I say desire to learn.

The feelings I have towards cooking are the same feelings I had trying to learn chemistry (and let me just say, that I was taking chem 1 in 12th grade, which kids who like school were taking that class in the 9th grade)--I had no desire for school.

Same feeling towards cooking.

Except, I have to learn to cook for Alyssa.

Someone please tell me why I hate cooking so much and how I can snap out of this and learn to enjoy it.

Do you know what I think one of the reasons is? It's b/c I suck at cooking and I'm tired of wasting all my energy on food that even a dog would turn his nose to.

You guys are going to prob. gasp when I say this--but tonight I made mashed potatoes...out of a box (I know!!) and guess what? They were soup. Not kidding. NOT KIDDING!! Soup. I followed the instructions and when I took them out of the microwave they were hard as a rock. I don't understand. So I put more milk in and stirred them and they turned into liquid..not potatoes. I kept trying to microwave them, thinking they will harden and perhaps resemble a potato again..but they didn't.

I ate them anyways and gave Aly them...but I could tell Matt was wincing with each bite--or more like slurp.

If I can't get instant mashed potatoes right, how can I get anything right?

Out of labor, stretch marks, leaking breasts, 2nd deg. tears, sleepless nights, ruined blouses and frazzled hair, I think this (cooking) is going to be my biggest challenge as a parent.

Help me!!!
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