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January 19th, 2011, 06:22 PM
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Originally Posted by smt View Post
Because I am concerned about the well-being of people. A being with a brain that is incapable of processing anything has no well-being related concerns.
A being with a brain incapable of processing anything has no concerns about anything, nevermind well-being, but you called it a being, yes? Please, do explain your definition of a "being", if we are discussing definitions now. I don't see a being as a ball of cells.

I don't believe in any sort of soul and have seen no evidence of any such thing. It is not an issue of concern for me. The fact that people believe in souls doesn't mean that it is something anyone should take seriously.
Why don't you believe in souls? I take it seriously because, though I don't believe in souls, I don't not believe in them either, so I use the term loosely. I have no evidence of a soul's existence, but also don't have evidence that it doesn't exist. So for the sake of argument, I try to see both sides of the matter.

An egg, fertilized or not, has not performed an action which merits some sort of response. This would be like saying that a rock deserves to roll downhill. "Nature" is not a prescriptive term regarding what should be done, it is a descriptive term that describes what happens in reality. Nature doesn't "decide" anything.
But Nature does decide things. What decides if there will be a hurricane? An earthquake? What decides if you get a stomach virus? It's not "science". Science more describes a human's way of interfering with nature. Nature, however, decides when and if things will happen. I see no need to interfere with it in the sense of, and I loosely use this term, "playing God" over who can and cannot survive when under the circumstance of their time in the womb where they would "normally" survive.

I think you are playing very loose with the word "child". I'm going to have to ask that you define the word "child". Please do it in such a way that differentiates it from other organisms. Please also list a few attributes of a child which differentiates it from animals. That way we can compare a fertilized egg with the definition of a child to see if they match up.
My definition of a child is simple. A human being that is unable to fully think through their actions and consequences and/or is not of a mature adult size. A child has a beating HUMAN heart, human DNA, and has or will have the ability to think rationally at some point in their life if carried to term and survives to adulthood without any type of brain damage or just plain immaturity. In that sense, an unborn child is still a child. They are not at mature, adult size and cannot fully think through there actions (technically they cannot at all, but I never once said that they could think). Though true they may suffer some type of damage in the womb, or outside of it, they are still considered a child. And, yes, I am aware that my definition could place fully grown men and women under the "child" category. My father, for example, cannot think rationally. He cannot think through his actions, either. As far as he is concerned, life is whatever the heck he feels like doing, no matter the consequences. So, in my eyes, he is a child.

For the sake of the discussion, let's use the extreme ends of the spectrum of development since we both agree that at some point a fertilized egg becomes a person (fertilized egg vs. 8 month old fetus).
Sounds good to me.

Again, you are throwing around the terms "child" and "a life" rather loosely. I don't believe that a fertilized egg fits the definition of a child or "a life". I also don't think you have the authority to speak about what other women feel.
Technically I don't have the "authority" to speak about what other women feel, but I speak from my experience with my friend's feelings, as well as the fact that there is a "Recovering from an Abortion Loss" board on JM. Why would there be such a board (and coined with the term "Loss") if only "some" women feel upset about the choice? Most of the boards on JM are here because a significant amount of women experience the same thing.

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