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January 19th, 2011, 08:04 PM
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A little long winded but what the heck, it only happens once
January 5th: DH and I went out to eat dinner at Young’s, I was feeling great and was so happy to finally get my Chinese food craving taken care of! During dinner we talked about the new baby, we both agreed that we would be surprised if we ended up having a girl. DH mentioned that he really liked the name Arlen still and that he would like the middle name to be Nathan and I agreed that would be fine if we had a boy and the name fit him. As we were walking to the truck, carefully I might add since the parking lot was covered in ice, I felt something leak out of me that felt a little thick. I assumed that I had possibly lost my mucous plug! Once we got home and thanked the babysitter, I went in the bathroom to see that I had indeed lost some of my plug. I emailed my midwife just to let her know and I tried not to get too excited. We went to bed and I slept great through the night.
January 6th: Got up and got DD and I ready to head down to the midwife’s for my appointment that morning at 0945. At the appointment I had her assistant video record the assessment with DD since she is always so cute at the appointments I wanted the recorded memory. After we finished, my midwife offered to strip my membranes and I decided I was ready for that, I told her that I had my 8 bags of raspberry leaf tea steeping to drink when I got home. She said I didn’t really have much of my mucus plug left and that I was about 2cm dilated. I was surprised the stripping didn’t hurt since so many people had said it was really crampy.
At about 1230 I was over visiting a friend in her new house when I started getting some contractions about 30-45 minutes apart. We headed home and we started cleaning up the house, about 3:30pm I started realizing that I was getting quite a few contractions so I started a contraction counter and they were ranging from 5-15 minutes. I sent my midwife a text letting her know where I was at and she told me to let her know when I wanted her to come over. I let my mom know what was happening as well as my girlfriends. We hung out in the living room most all evening until we got DD ready for bed and put her down. We then came back downstairs about 7pm and I had DH make me a PBnJ since I thought that would be easy to throw up later when the pain pushed me that far. While I was trying to eat the sandwich my contractions got noticeably stronger, I could no longer eat through them and when I talked on the phone to my family I was no longer able to maintain my conversation through the contractions.
Around 7:45pm I was starting to debate when I should call my midwife and my Photographer… I didn’t want to call to early or too late, since this was my second I just didn’t know how fast things would come. I ended up calling my midwife and just discussing how I felt, she took note that I was still able to talk thru my contractions but told me that it was more important I listen to my intuition and call her when I wanted her to head over. I hung up with her and decided to go ahead and call my photographer, she was excited to hear from me and headed on over. She got to the house about 8:20ish and we had a good time talking in between contractions. I was glad to have the extra time to get to socialize with her a little more. I ended up calling my midwife at 8:50 and she and her assistant/intern arrived about 9:45ish. My midwife made a comment that I was still able to laugh and chat in between my contractions. We discussed where we would be planning to have the baby. I was unsure since our bedroom is across the hall from DD’s room and I didn’t want to wake her. We did decide to labor as long as we could downstairs and then head up the bedroom to have the baby.
The midwife and her assistant both checked me and I was at 4 cm (same as when my midwife came to the house for DD’s birth). Shortly after they checked me I changed positions to the floor on my birthing ball and the contractions started to get a lot stronger to where I really had to focus to keep the pain under control. My midwife helped me a lot just by gently rubbing my head and shoulders reminding me to imagine the head pushing the cervix open. We headed upstairs between 11pm and 1130 I am guessing since I was a little preoccupied. We went straight to the bathroom so I could try to pee. I sat there for a few contractions and ended up needing to throw up. We then moved to the bedroom which was lit completely by candle light, I lied down so they could check me and I was at “9cm with a lip” it was very hard for me to labor on my side but at that point it was hard to labor in any position… Finally they checked me again since I was starting to feel pushy and I just had a lip left, they told me with the next contraction they would push it out of the way while I pushed. She asked me if I wanted her to break my water and I told her no. I was finally able to push!
The contractions didn’t feel as strong and obvious to push as they were with DD but I was also more determined not to let the pushing last for an hour either… I ended up pushing for 10 minutes, bursting my waters all over my wonderful hubby bring a giggle from everyone and shortly after I was able to push out our little baby! As his head came out I reached down and kept pushing as they helped guide me thru the pushing, I could feel, with my hand, one shoulder come out and I pushed again to get the second one out. DH helped me a little to pull him up to my chest. As I was looking at him someone reminded me that I should check to see what we had! I looked and called out “we have a little boy”. This is truly my favorite part of the homebirth, I am the first one to see if we have a boy or girl! We rested and enjoyed our new family member while we waited to birth the placenta, it felt so calm in the room.
Once the placenta came out DH got cleaned up and went to get DD. When they came in the room continued to be lit only with candle light and DD even being groggy was excited to meet her little brother, she gave him a kiss and then came and sat next to me in DH’s arms. Having both babies there was incredible and we were able to enjoy that time for about 45 minutes or so. She helped DH cut the umbilical cord. Afterwards DH went to put DD back to sleep while I went in to take the herbal bath with Arlen. I felt like I could stay in the tub forever! My midwife promised me that the next bath could be much longer J it was amazing to feel so good after giving birth, after DD I was so weak and this time I felt like I could go for a jog in comparison! Afterwards we went back in the bedroom while everyone got ready to head out. Once everyone was gone I made calls to my family to let them know we now had a baby boy and I put up the news on Facebook to share with my friends. Going to sleep after such a wonderful birth was amazing and I will remember this forever! Yeah for Arlen Nathan!


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