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January 20th, 2011, 04:41 AM
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It's so funny because I got the internet cheapies so if I DID want to POAS before expected AF I could, and then like 3 days before the end of my 2WW I was gonna take a test for kicks, and then when I read the instructions(to see how long to wait for results, etc.), it said, "detects as early as the day after missed period!" I was thinking to myself, "that's not impressive! There's ones that are like 95% correct the day BEFORE period!" LoL! But here's mine! Funny thing is, I was TOTALLY convinced I wasn't pregnant this month because, well, I just felt like I wasn't. Took the test just 'cause I thought, "heck, I have 25 of them." And got a BFP! LOL! I just stared, then thought, "that's a bad test." Tested again, BFP, so then used my last REAL test, an Answer, and BFP again! I guess I needed more proof. lol

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